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Company director, Robert Richards boasts over 25 years experience with High speed packaging in the Pharmaceutical and food industries along with a vast involvement in many other varying industries. A strong understanding of GMP work procedures and experience with working in clean environments makes Concept Automation Pty. Ltd. a first class service provider.

This experience allows Concept Automation Pty. Ltd. to provide a unique advantage to its customers by acting as a conduit between Productions / Manufacturing and Packaging based companies and the desired improvements to their processes by utilising the latest in technology and the vast network of service and product suppliers.

Whatever the challenge presented to your production or manufacturing process, Concept Automation Pty. Ltd. will provide you with a quick and reliable solution to your requirements.

Our Belief

Concept Automation Pty. Ltd. is a company that prides itself in honesty and reliability. Concept Automation Pty. Ltd is a progressive and highly driven company that has one intention in mind. That intention is to provide its customers with a level of service that will define its reputation in industry as not only the best available, but the best possible, Second to none.

In doing so Concept Automation Pty. Ltd. puts its self in the customers shoes and asks the following question of its self. What sort of service would we expect if we were in the customer's position? In this instance we strive to exceed even our own expectations and in doing so we feel that the customers satisfaction is guaranteed and our future success will be controlled only via the customers complete satisfaction and in turn, flow on from there.

We believe that service is the key ingredient in succeeding as a company and insuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

The commitment to this work ethic has seen Concept Automation Grow to be a company that is relied upon by numerous companies Australia wide, Large and small.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would give us the opportunity to show you first hand the benefits of dealing with Concept Automation Pty. Ltd.