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Auspack PLUS 2013 Exhibition and Trade Fair
September 25th, 2017 @ 11:10:AM

Concept Automation will be participating in the Auspack PLUS 2013 Exhibition and Trade Fair in May 2013.

Auspack PLUS 2013 is Australia’s premier international exhibition of Packaging and Processing Machinery, Materials and Associated Technology.

We are pleased to announce that we will have attending representatives from Laetus, Pester and Hapa who, together with our Principal, Robert Richards, will be happy to discuss your needs/enquiries and any new technologies.

The exhibition will be held at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park 7th – 10th May 2013. You will find Concept Automation situated in the “Dome” building , stand # 295.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Mettler Toledo CI-Vision
September 25th, 2017 @ 11:09:AM

On December 31, 2009 Civision was aquired by METTLER TOLEDO. We are in the process of moving our materials to our new internet home www.mt.com/ci-vision .

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“Tube filling solutions for effervescent tablets”
March 2nd, 2016 @ 1:46:AM

New addition to the portfolio!
“Tube filling solutions for effervescent tablets”

Following the acquisition of Medipac AB in November 2015, Romaco is now in a position to offer tube filling systems for effervescent tablets for the first time. The core competency: gentle filling of fragile effervescent tablets according to the rotation principle.

The Romaco Group’s decision to purchase the assets of Medipac AB, the Swedish manufacturer of tube filling machines, rounds off its portfolio in the effervescents sector. These systems for the primary packaging of effervescent tablets will in future be sold worldwide under the umbrella brand Romaco Siebler. Three different tube filling systems in different performance classes are currently available in the Siebler MF series. With a maximum output of 120 tubes per minute, the Siebler MF 120 is designed for very high production speeds. The mid-range MF 70 is currently the top-selling model. The semi-automatic Siebler MF 20 achieves up to 20 tubes per minute. All series apply the rotation principle to fill tubes with effervescent tablets.

Read more at…

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Romaco Kilian “Retrofit of tablet press”
February 24th, 2016 @ 11:37:PM

Karlsruhe/Germany, 24/02/2016
Romaco Kilian at Powtech 2016 in Nuremberg

Retrofit ensures long-term process reliability – “Upgrade your tablet press to cutting edge technology”

At the upcoming Nuremberg exhibition Romaco Kilian will present an
innovative retrofit package which enables older-generation tablet presses
to be upgraded electronically. The manufacturer will also show the
versatile, high speed Kilian KTP 420X press with its convincing new design
concept “cool, fast & clean”.
Romaco Kilian retrofit: electronic upgrade to the state of the art
A new retrofit concept, to be unveiled at the Nuremberg Powtech 2016, is offered
by Romaco Kilian for selected older-generation tablet presses. This innovative
solution strategy was born from the realisation that some of the control and
regulating components featured in the Kilian E 150 (Plus), LX, RTS, RX, S 250
(Plus), T 100, T 300, T 400 and TX series are no longer compliant with current
standards. The comprehensive electronic upgrade developed by Romaco Kilian
enables customers to prolong the life of these otherwise extremely reliable tablet
presses for several more years. An external electrical cabinet and a modern,
intuitive HMI panel are integrated as part of the new retrofit package. The
installation and validation can be performed directly at the customer’s facility,
saving time and money and reducing downtime to a minimum. The mechanical
components can be overhauled at the same time. Manufacturers who opt for this
upgrade to the latest state of the art can hence profit for much longer from highly
reliable processes on their Kilian tablet presses. They can also take advantage of
“Remote Assist”, Romaco’s new online support system. A remote online support
case is activated on the machine at the push of a button, immediately setting up
a connection to a Kilian expert.

…Read more at: http://www.romaco.com/en/press-news-exhibitions/news/details/?tx_news_pi1%5Bnews%5D=167&cHash=7d218e3ecf3b8a65d01bcc3b850f98f6

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IWK now part of the ATS group
May 4th, 2015 @ 9:07:PM

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Laetus CS-60 COMMANDER Station
February 3rd, 2014 @ 11:05:PM

Within the Track and Trace portfolio Laetus has introduced the extremely mobile and flexible stand alone CS-60 COMMANDER Station.  Featuring  a highly ergonomic design to allow for easy operating of printers, handscanners and other options, it can be used as a manual aggregation module and as a mobile mark & verify solution. It is also possible to enable completely self-sustaining operation through a battery package, even in combination with WLAN.

Laetus CS-60 COMMANDER Station

For further information on this product or to speak about it in more detail please call our office on +61 2 9078 8360 or contact us via email at sales@conceoptautomation.com.au .

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Laetus GmbH – Argus wt New Feature
January 11th, 2012 @ 11:03:PM

Two are better than one: ARGUS wt with a new feature

“Double Blind Entry”

Alsbach-Hähnlein, December 19, 2011 – The data administration and access control system ARGUS wt10 of Laetus is expanded with a convenient feature: Laetus has developed a new function for safe dual data entry (double blind data entry) for companies without automatic data transmission from ERP system to production line. This additional service will be integrated in future versions of ARGUS wt10 Server 4.3.0 and higher while older versions can be updated.

Manual data entry is a weak point in many companies. Typing and spelling errors, transposed numbers and omissions are possible even with great concentration. Dual data entry by different users can eliminate these error sources through automatic alignment. Many pharmacists have therefore stipulated this procedure in a compulsory manner. With ARGUS wt, one person types or scans the reference number for verification of a product batch into the according mask and confirms it. A second person re-enters the same data independently. If both sets of information are identical, the data flow for the respective batch is activated and production started. In case of differences, the entries have to be checked. The system guarantees that data is entered by two different persons. Dual data entry effectively ensures that the correct batch information is used at all times.

ARGUS wt10 is a data administration and access control system for Laetus web technology testing devices. It includes product database, device administration, user administration as well as the audit trail data required in the pharmaceutical production process. Flexible modules turn ARGUS wt into a tailor-made solution that can be optionally expanded through a standard Ethernet network as needed.

Please contact our office or email sales@conceptauto.com.au today and see how we can be of further assistance with your product security requirements for 2012.

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HAPA – New Product – Redcube
April 28th, 2011 @ 9:20:PM


The redcube, winner of the “if design award”, is the ultra-compact, high-end DOD marker printing in pharmaceutical, Grade A quality. Codes, texts and graphics are printed in a single pass, in a standard 36mm, up to 72mm width on any kind of substrate, lacquered or unlacquered, and without the need to pre-condition surfaces. The redcube addresses the print quality, adhesion and running costs issues of conventional marking technologies. The redcube utilizes solvent-free, UV curing inks, and can be integrated onto any transport system with a constant, linear motion. An integrated visual system is available.

Contact us today for further information sales@conceptauto.com.au

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Auspack Plus 2011
February 10th, 2011 @ 1:35:AM

Come visit the Concept Automation Stand Number : 768

We will be exhibiting new innovations at the Auspack Plus 2011 trade show in Melbourne, Australia from 21st to 25th March. We look forward to seeing you there and discussing further about your automation & packaging requirements.


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Two pairs of eyes are better than one – Laetus GmbH
January 27th, 2011 @ 9:19:PM

Alsbach-Hähnlein, 12 January 2011.
In the new version of the POLYPHEM Laetus Colour Chamber system, two cameras instead of one guarantee higher precision in the blister test. This means that now, on tablets with a diameter of 5 millimetres, impurities of only 0.1 millimetres can already be detected.

This decisive increase in detection performance is achieved by two colour cameras, mounted side by side, which cover the same test area formerly covered by one single camera. Each of the two 5-megapixel cameras records half of the respective test area. These photographic recordings are then combined into one image, whereby the horizontal resolution of the complete photograph is doubled. An additional positive effect is that objects on the edge of the inspection area appear less distorted because the respective angle from the edge to the camera is less oblique.

Further sources of error are excluded by using surface-scan instead of line-scan cameras. This is due to the different photographic techniques. Line-scan cameras, triggered by incremental sensors, record single lines, which are then later combined to form an image of the area to be tested. In this, an optical offset effect my occur, so-called slippage, which, for example, causes round objects to appear oval in shape. In consequence, objects are wrongly classified as faulty and rejected. Optical distortions of this nature cannot occur when using a surface-scan camera, which records the entire area simultaneously.

Adjusting the cameras and setting them according to the respective production environment is extremely easy and convenient. All setting changes are immediately shown as an image on the display panel, which enables exact selection of the test area.

Contact us today for further details.

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