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Laetus GmbH – Argus wt New Feature
Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 @ 11:03:PM

Two are better than one: ARGUS wt with a new feature

“Double Blind Entry”

Alsbach-Hähnlein, December 19, 2011 – The data administration and access control system ARGUS wt10 of Laetus is expanded with a convenient feature: Laetus has developed a new function for safe dual data entry (double blind data entry) for companies without automatic data transmission from ERP system to production line. This additional service will be integrated in future versions of ARGUS wt10 Server 4.3.0 and higher while older versions can be updated.

Manual data entry is a weak point in many companies. Typing and spelling errors, transposed numbers and omissions are possible even with great concentration. Dual data entry by different users can eliminate these error sources through automatic alignment. Many pharmacists have therefore stipulated this procedure in a compulsory manner. With ARGUS wt, one person types or scans the reference number for verification of a product batch into the according mask and confirms it. A second person re-enters the same data independently. If both sets of information are identical, the data flow for the respective batch is activated and production started. In case of differences, the entries have to be checked. The system guarantees that data is entered by two different persons. Dual data entry effectively ensures that the correct batch information is used at all times.

ARGUS wt10 is a data administration and access control system for Laetus web technology testing devices. It includes product database, device administration, user administration as well as the audit trail data required in the pharmaceutical production process. Flexible modules turn ARGUS wt into a tailor-made solution that can be optionally expanded through a standard Ethernet network as needed.

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